Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Mathematician, the Boxer and the Evangelist

A man’s life is laden with different paths and choices; he must choose which path he would tread.  A few days ago, I picked up an article about Pastor E. A. Adeboye, a man who has served in Humility and Excellence, a man whose life has given others the permission to shine, a great man.(Sorry for the digression, but i needed to do that)

As I was saying, I picked up an editorial about him, there were quite a number of things about him in the papers, but this particular article caught my attention because it described him as the mathematician, boxer, and evangelist.  It amused me to know Daddy had trailed a number of paths before choosing the path he is right now.

I could not help but think about my own life, I mean, if I were to describe myself right now, it will probably be; Temitola Ojo;  the writer, singer, lover of children etc, but what path will I eventually choose to tread?  Truly, I think I am juggling all three of

Seriously, though, think about your own life, if you were to describe yourself, what would it be?  Where are you now?  Are you still in the middle of trying to define your path in life? Reality is that only one of these paths will lead to us fulfilling our God given purpose and destiny.  I wonder what would have happened if Daddy G.O had chosen another path, maybe a boxer (hmmm...) where would he be now?  No doubt, he would have done well but would he have touched as many lives as he has now?   No matter the path you choose, chances are you would do well, but will you be satisfied with just doing well or doing great and fulfilling purpose?  If I decide to wax an album now, I’m pretty sure I will sell a few, but would I have done better loving the children or writing great novels? (Still praying about that)

Somehow, I doubt Daddy GO would have achieved all that he has if he had followed another path.  Obviously, only one factor can make such a huge difference; Choosing God’s path for you.  If you can wholeheartedly pursue God’s path for your life, every other thing will follow you.  The pressure of life and hot pursuit of money/wealth has led many to choose paths that seem the quickest to making money/quick wealth but are you really happy?  Are you causing other lights to shine because of yours?  Think about it. This is a sure way of knowing if you are truly living the life God desires for you, he wasn’t kidding when he said you are the light of the world, neither was he trying to fill the bible with more words to make it bulky, God meant what he was saying when he inspired those words.   Regret is the most awful feeling in the world; you really do not want to end up there.  Look down that road you are on now, where would it end?

You are a candle, a light and by living your true purpose, you give other people permission to shine too, you can cause other dim candles around you to light up.  It could be your courage, your music, your words so many things that can cause other people to come alive.  However, you must choose the right path.  Some have hidden their light in the banking hall or some other profession that has limited their light and hidden it under a bushel, come out of there and SHINE.  What if Daddy G.O had stayed within the confines of a university’s lecture hall or within the boxing ring?  Some people are making impact quite alright, but not the right kind of impact.

This is my prayer every day, I want to walk into a room full of darkness and light it up, I want even my name to build courage in people’s hearts to pursue their dreams.  I want my life to light the lives of people who are in darkness, the path that will lead me there is right within me and by God’s grace I will tread that path and so will you in Jesus name.  Amen

Meanwhile, Thank you Daddy for giving me the courage to pursue my dreams, for letting me know that it is possible to live like Jesus, to be powerful and yet humble.  Your life has given light to this little article and I pray that many lives will light up as they read each line.
Happy Birthday in arrears Daddy.