Saturday, February 1, 2014

Like little children.

Happy New Month... but let’s go back a little bit....

Christmas was awesome, not really because of the food and drinks and having family around, but because of the little tiny moment of inspiration, God gave me that birthed this article.  It was such a tiny moment that if I did not pay attention to, I would have missed it.

So... we usually have a huge Christmas party every year at my parent’s place in our hometown, Ibadan where we host friends and family.  I like to think of it as a small family reunion; I get to see uncles and aunties I have not seen during the year or for many years.  I get to see cousins that have grown much taller or cousins that were once in diapers but now have beards... little girls that have become young ladies etc.   
This year was no different. 

Now stay with me, I am getting to the tiny moment...

I was serving the guests as usual and my little niece was running around with two other little boys that were about her age or maybe a year older.  They were having so much fun; laughing and squealing with joy at their little “catch me if you can” game.  Suddenly, she fell down.  I was going to scold her and maybe spank her (grown-ups are so quick to do that) and stop the game.  Then it happened, in slow motion... the boys quickly ran to her side, helped her get up and then started dusting off all the grass and dust that had gathered on her clothes.  I stood there and just stared in awe of what was happening before me. (It was really a slow motion picture).

I smiled and that moment brought tears to my eyes.  It was so cute and beautiful.  These were kids she had never met before and they were even boys (some guys should get some lessons on how to be gentlemen from those kids).  I walked away from the scene but I caught a glimpse of this same scene reoccurring a few more times and the boys always picked her up and dusted off the dirt before continuing their game.  They even removed the grass on her hair; they were very thorough.

Early last year, I started a course on Child Psychology and it has made me very aware of children and their behaviour.  Maybe this was what made me catch this tiny moment or maybe God really wanted me to learn something from it.  Whichever way, that seemingly insignificant moment brought a scripture to mind “Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of heaven.” Matt 18:3-4

Christianity is slowly becoming a hostile religion because we have all decided to behave like grown-ups.  We are quick to judge each other, point fingers, laugh at people who are down and raise our noses at people who are not perfect in our own eyes.  We smile at each other in church but kill ourselves in our hearts.
What if we all picked each other up when we fall instead of laughing, pointing fingers, posting on Facebook, and tweeting about it.  What if we extended our hand to help before using them to tell the world about the hypocrisy and injustice that had happened.  Ok, let us even leave social media.  What about gossiping about church members that make a mistake?  Some people even begin to avoid them so that they don’t get contaminated or even tagged a sinner too.  Where is the Love?

What if we all love each other with pure love as little children do?  Many times, the same people that judge and criticize people like this are close friends that have eaten at the same table with them. 

The church has become a masquerade ball; a place where people come in with masks.  They hide their pain, their sin, their suffering in order to keep up their image and remain a part of the so-called church family.  Many weak people in church pretend to be strong; people in high positions that contend with sins they cannot tell anyone about.  Then they find other avenues to express these sins and one mistake, one moment of carelessness (moment mostly arranged by God to set them free), and we tear them down with immediate effect.

What if we all helped each other when we fall?  Catch each other when we trip.  Hold weary hands and raise feeble knees that stoop to fall, pick each other up, dust off the mess on our clothes and continue on the journey to meet our father, rather than trampling on each other.
I often wonder what Jesus would have done if he were in our time right now, with all the scandals happening in the church, the denials, betrayals etc, would He be quick to sign in to twitter or Facebook and pour insults on the culprits?  If a church member got pregnant out of wedlock, would he backbite and avoid that person, love the person or would He pray and find a way to help?

Beloved, before you tweet anything, post on Facebook or talk about the flaws of anyone, take a moment to ask yourself; how can I help?  And if you can’t reach the person personally, a little prayer would do wonders.

Let us obey the words of our master Jesus... be like little children.

So help us God.