Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Dance

Adorned in white and glowing in glory
I danced with my saviour
Swirling and dipping in his Love
I moved with grace
And was lost in His eyes.
It was the dance of Salvation

I didn’t notice the evil that lurked in the corner
The eyes of Jealousy that feasted on me
For he had sworn to get me out of the arms of salvation
Back into his arms where I can bask
In all the selfish desires he offered me

From the corner of my eye, I saw him
Beckoning on me with desires I thought were long dead
I felt drawn to him and my feet moved
Until I was in his arms
his dance was different
It left me in pain and deep sorrow
I thought will never disappear

But I ran back to the arms of the Lord
And His gentle ways and love
Dispelled the darkness in me
Not long after I was back in the arms
Of the one who had sworn to destroy me
I could not understand why I kept returning
It was like a pull I could not resist
I did not understand why I kept returning
Into the arms of one who hurts me

Each time I swirled back into the arms of Love
I saw in His eyes
The longing for me to stay and be strong
And yet again, I always broke His heart
And returned into the arms of the enemy

But every time I returned to Love
He took me back
And the dance was always more beautiful
More precious, More Loving
Urging me to stay
But I kept returning and I didn’t know why

Now I am dancing with my Love again
I can see in His eyes
That He knows I will leave again
To dance with the devil
But I see no condemnation there
I only see a plea
I see love

I fear that if I go now
I would never return
I cannot watch Him every time I leave
Heartbroken, sorrowful and in tears
I didn’t want to go
I could not keep breaking His heart

I leaned into Him and said
“Lord pls never let me go
I am weak and I know I will return
Into the arms of evil
Lend me your strength Lord
I cannot resist this on my own”

The Lord changed His position
One swirl turned me away from the devil
I no longer had to see the face of evil
I only looked into the face of my Lord
His grip on my hands became stronger
Our dance had changed
It was the dance of deliverance.