Sunday, April 29, 2012

To my future son

Dear Son,

I have thought about you ever since i thought about getting married.  You know why?

its because in every man that has asked for my hand in marriage, i have seen a little version of you.  I want for you a father and a daddy. A father that will teach you patiently and a daddy that will love you with all his heart.

i want to listen with pride when you say to me "i want to be like my daddy when i grow up". and have no fear of how you will turn out.  So you see my son, you determine to a large extent who i will marry because i want you to be just like your daddy.

A man who loves the Lord with all his heart. A man who can stand on his own and who is not afraid to cry. A man who will place his family on the top of his priority list. A man of valor, strength and a strong character.  A man who will never compromise his good character to get the seemingly beautiful things of life. A man of genuine integrity. A man who knows how to treat a lady. A man who is as bold as a lion but with the heart of a lamb.  A man who is not afraid to love.  A man so full of wisdom, he is able to provide for his family and keep an inheritance for his children. A man who would treat his wife like a queen, he's daughter like a princess and make his son the prince of his castle.

All this and many more i desire for you my son, but i know that you can only fully learn them by walking in the footsteps of your father.  Since i want you to be like him, then i must choose wisely.

My greatest joy will be to see you and your daddy walk and work together in harmony. To see you both talk and when i ask you to tell me what you have been discussing, you'll both say in a chorus "its men's talk".  To see you go out together and play ball or go fishing.  It will be nice to see you argue with your daddy and watch as you settle it with a "chop knuckle/ handshake". 

I promise not to get jealous of your strong bond but will be there through it all cheering you on and stealing hugs while i whisper in your ears how great you will be. And when you need to cry and don't want your daddy to see you, come to me, I'll give you open arms, a handkerchief and a cup of tea.

oh my child... you will be great. You will do and achieve far greater things than your daddy. You will be fearless and strong.  I see it all.

And when it is time to build your own home, i hope you would have seen in me an example of the woman you should marry and in your dad an example of how to be a man, a father, a daddy and a husband.

Your big sister sends her regards, she is very excited to meet you and i can tell that both of you will be best buddies.

Mummy loves you and no matter how much you grow, know that you will always be my little prince.

Loads of love.


To my future daughter

Dear Daughter,

we haven't met but i have the strangest feeling that you know me.

I look forward to meeting you someday and holding you in my arms. I have a name for you already but i will keep it as a secret and look forward to the smile on your beautiful face when i whisper it in your ears.

I look forward to looking at your face and seeing a reflection of me in your smile and laughter.

I look forward to the days when you'll start walking and we'll play catch me if you can in our living room.

I hope when you say your first words it will be mama because that would be a huge reward for me after carrying you for 9 months.

i can't wait to see the look on your father's face each time he holds you in his arms, i know he'll love you a lot because I'll never marry a man who would treat u badly.

i look forward to the days when you'll be a teenager and you can gist me about all your crushes and new lines guys use to toast ladies in your time and I'll tell you what they used in my time, I'll even tell you how your dad toasted me and we'll laugh and promise to never tell your dad.

I can't wait to tell you about a man who loved you first and would always love you, who gave his life for you and would do it again if he had a chance. i know you would have met him in heaven, but loving him down here is different. By the way, say hi to Jesus for me while you are there and thank God for giving me a gift like you.

The world is full of evil my love but do not be afraid because I'll be right there beside you when you need a shoulder to cry on. Through all the heart breaks and failures, I'll hold your hand, and embrace you.

i promise to never throw negative words at you, i promise to always tell you how great you are and that you can be anything you want to be. I'll give you courage to walk the paths God has destined for you and celebrate every milestone you make.

i will allow you make your own mistakes and learn from them, no matter how tempted i am to shield you, i will let you live and only step in when i absolutely need to. i hope you will make me your best friend and we can discuss over a cup of Chapman and juice all your challenges and worries.

I look forward to watching you walk to the altar with a man who loves you dearly. I will quiz him, be sure of that and i know your dad would not spare him too, but be sure that we only want the best for you.

...and when you have your own kids, i hope i would have been i good example to you.

I Love you dearly, even though we haven't met, i feel a deep connection to you already... someday love, you'll be in my arms.... someday.

i need to write to your little brother too...

see you soon.