Tuesday, January 20, 2015

He came back!

Sunday Afternoon

One of those days you just want to hide away in the house, lay on your bed and do nothing… or maybe read your favorite book.  Yeah, that's the state I was… with my favorite book written by my favorite author - Francine Rivers.

'knock knock knock'

I cringed inwardly, my first thought was to totally ignore the person.  It would have been better if I didn't have to stand up to open the gate myself, but I had to.

'Knock Knock Knock'

This person was persistent.

There goes my afternoon alone.  I walked sadly to the gate, half praying it was someone worth the sacrifice.  When I opened the gate, I was greeted with His smile.  There before my eyes stood my friendly stranger, as gorgeous as I remembered him the first time we met years
ago.  I wasn't sure what to do… Jump on Him, Hug Him?  I just stood there smiling dumbly.

"You have a penchant for making unannounced visits" I finally said

"It's my style" He said

"May I come in?"

"Sure" I said suddenly remembering my manners.

We walked into the house lost in our individual thoughts.  Moments we shared 2 years ago played in my head.  I had thought he was an angel, but do angels visit twice?  I tried stifling my disappointment that He wasn't an angel after all.

We sat down and for a couple of minutes just looked at each other. I was waiting to hear what message he had brought me this time.  As far as I knew, everything was perfect for me, God had answered almost all my prayers.

He broke the silence

"How are you?"

"I'm great" I said smiling

"I hear your dreams have come true, you now work with children?"

"Are you stalking me?" I asked

He smiled. "How are you enjoying your new job?"

"It's  awesome" I said " I get to spend the whole day with children, be myself all day without anyone judging me"

" You don't take long walks anymore?  I haven't seen you on that path for a while" He asked

"Nah, I get back really late so I just take a bike"

"And you leave the house when"?

"Very very early"

"So you barely have time for anything else?"

"Yeah, I am so busy now I barely have time for myself. I'm out so early and get back late at night. I ….." my voice trailed off as a sudden realization hit me… He was drawing me to something.  I looked at Him and just then He looked so sad.

"You have forgotten me" He said in a very soft whisper

"I made your dreams come true. I gave you what you desired most,  your deepest heart cry I gave to you on a platter of gold, but it has taken you away from me.  Those long walks you used to take, when we would talk and you would sing to me songs no one had ever heard… I loved them, I looked forward to them."

'I'm so sorry" I whispered

"I came just to hear you speak to me. You are my desire, I am very passionate about you"   I Love to see you happy and content,  but don't let my gift be the reason you drift away from Me.  I gave you to draw you closer to myself,  not the pull you away.

He stood up and walked up to me "Stand up"

I stood before Him, ashamed of myself, of my actions ever since I got the job.

He pulled me into a hug. I relaxed on Him and whispered in His ears "I am so sorry"

"You are forgiven my love"

We sat down and he asked me to tell Him all about my new job.  We talked and laughed for hours, time seemed not to matter.

"Thank you, for making my dreams come true"  I said

"Thank you for bringing me great joy" He said.

He stood up to leave.  I didn't ask Him to stay, I didn't ask when I would see Him again.  I knew that I would see Him every day, and we would talk every day.  He never really left me, and even though He didn't say who He was, I knew that my friendly stranger wasn't a stranger at all,  neither was He an angel..  but my Lord, my Love, my Saviour… My Jesus.